Monday, May 12, 2008

Because everyone likes to hear about other people's dreams, right?

I keep having dreams that have something to do with dirty cat litter. A couple of weeks ago, I dreamed that I went to clean out a cat box, and when I took off the lid, a lot of possessions of mine were in there amongst the clumps, and I had to pick them out. Last night, I dreamed that my grandmother was visiting me and she threw some things that belonged to me down on a floor that was covered with spilled cat litter (not something my grandmother would ever do, BTW), and I was very angry as I picked each item up, brushed it off, and either kept it or threw it away, depending on how dirty it was.

I'm sensing a sort of "salvage" theme in both these dreams, but what am I salvaging? And why cat litter? I mean, I do deal with it on a daily basis, but it doesn't dominate my life.


Humincat said...

Well, picking out the good stuff among the sh#t. Yep, sounds like life. Or maybe the cat litter has been an issue lately. Or maybe the cat had just used it before bed and while you were asleep, you could still smell it....or maybe we are just nuts! I mean, I dream of an ex that I can't stand and wouldn't ever go back to all the time, not to mention I haven't seen him since 9th grade!! And he is in my dreams like once a week for years!! I'm over trying to figure out why, my brain must be stuck on stupid. LOL!

All Adither said...

Dreams are so bizarre. That one sounds pretty symbolic. I think you're right about salvaging.