Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh Doctor, my Doctor

I finished watching the third series of the new Doctor Who recently, and I've decided that the Doctor would be the perfect friend-with-benefits for me. He could pop in, whisk me off through time and space for weeks on end, then return me five minutes after I left and fly away again, rather than hanging around to complicate my life. He doesn't want to get permanently involved with anyone, and neither do I; he's emotionally unavailable, and God knows I've got that down to a science. Also, he's very cute in a geeky-cool way that reminds me a lot of P, who was also on the skinny side, owned a pair of square black-framed specs and enjoyed a nice suit.

I like this idea so much that the last time G and I painted pictures together, I painted one of the TARDIS, which is the Doctor's spaceship/time machine:

G hates the show and refuses to be in the same room while I'm watching it, so she was not impressed by my choice of subject matter ("Why don't you paint a unicorn instead?" she suggested), but I had a marvelous time. I hope this isn't a sign that I've completely lost it. Although if I do completely lose it, I can probably convince myself that I'm traveling in time and space anyway, so I guess I win either way.

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