Tuesday, June 24, 2008

All Spiderwick, all the time

G has spent the last four months waiting for The Spiderwick Chronicles to come out on DVD. (She spent the four months before that waiting for it to be released in the theater.) Today was the magic day, so we stopped on the way home to buy a copy. When we got here, she ran up the stairs to her room, DVD case in hand, calling "I want to watch it alone!" over her shoulder as she went.

She's been in there with the door closed for an hour and a half now, raptly watching every minute of every single special feature. Even though she isn't allowed to eat in her room under normal circumstances, I bent the rules and carried her food up on a tray at dinnertime. You can't expect someone to interrupt a religious experience to come downstairs for pizza.

One thing you can say about G: When she decides to be a fan of something, she doesn't do it by halves. Along with this new DVD -- the two-disc special edition, of course -- she also owns the book series, the three or four companion volumes, the audio books, a copy of Nickelodeon magazine with a cover story dedicated to the movie, a rock with a hole through it that she found at the beach (her "seeing stone") and I'm pretty sure she has some other swag I'm forgetting about. It really is a comprehensive collection of all things Spiderwick-related. The author would be proud!

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Sari said...

I am LOL'ing about the "religious experience" - that's hilarious!