Friday, June 20, 2008


Going outside this week has been like stepping onto the surface of the sun. When G and I left her dentist appointment at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, the thermometer in my car said 115, and we're not even inland. Thank God for central air.

Hot as it is, it's still not the hottest I've ever been. Immediately after P's funeral, G and I went to spend a few days with my mother, who lives in Redlands, in hopes of getting a break from some of the stress of the previous 10 days. It's usually a blast furnace out there in the summer, and that year was no exception. The first or second night we were there, G, my mother, my sister and I went to see a free production of Beauty and the Beast at the Redlands Bowl, and it was just stifling -- still over 100 degrees at 9 p.m., with a hot wind blowing and a thousand bodies packed shoulder to sweaty shoulder into a relatively small space. G was still too short then to see over adult heads, so she had to sit on my lap through most of the three hours, and I spent the whole time thinking that surely I was going to faint the next minute. Somehow we all survived, but I've never been that hot in my life. And I've been to Phoenix in August, where it's so hot that the asphalt in parking lots sticks to your shoes.

Let's see, what else has been going on? G had her bridging ceremony from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts on Wednesday night, and today was her last day of school. I found out from her teacher earlier this week that they're putting her in the GATE cluster for next year, which I think will be a nice challenge for her. As for me, I've been thinking a lot about the ways I didn't do such a great job this school year and trying to work out how to do better next year. What I really need is just more time -- even getting home an hour earlier every day would help immeasurably. There's got to be a sweet spot where I can catch G before she's too tired and burnt out to deal with homework and other responsibilities. I don't know exactly when that is, but I guarantee you it's long before 6:00 in the evening.

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Try to stay cool!