Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Books and bites

Like another member of her family who shall remain nameless (cough), G borders on obsessive when she finds a new book series she likes. Right now, it's Warriors, which is about mystical clans of feral cats. She mowed through the first book over the weekend and finished the second one tonight, and she's reminded me no less than 10 times that we need to go to the bookstore and procure the third installment ASAP. It's a 15-book series, and at this rate, she'll have gone through them all before school starts back up. Luckily, she also loves to reread, so she'll probably just begin again at that point. I'm starting to think I should read them myself, though, because she wants to discuss them with someone, and it's hard to knowledgeably debate the merits of "warriors" vs. "kittypets" when I have only a vague idea of what those terms mean.

In not-so-great news, we found out a couple of weeks ago that G has a small cavity in one of her back teeth, and this morning we attempted to get it filled, "attempted" being the key word. G tried, she really did, but she gagged every time the dentist put her fingers in her mouth, and she couldn't force herself to hold still for the Novocaine injection. At last, she was shaking and crying and it clearly wasn't going to happen, so we gave up for the day.

The dentist, who was very nice and patient, recommended going to a pediatric dentist because they use nitrous oxide to help phobic kids calm down -- which is great, except that our insurance doesn't cover treatment by a pediatric dentist for anyone over 7. If you're 9, you have to suck it up and go to the grownup dentist, or else pay out of pocket. Needless to say, I think this is supremely stupid (hello, last time I checked a 9-year-old was still a kid), but I can't just sit around and let G's tooth rot away, either. I've had dental insurance my entire adult life, so I have no idea how much anything really costs -- how much should I expect to pay? $200? $300? More?


Humincat said...

The one I go to here in H-Town has an awesome credit card that you apply for in about 2 minutes and everytime you use it, you get 3 months No interest. The card is called CreditCare and can only be used at accepting dentists and veternarians, and maybe chiropractors. And yeah, Cat has to gassed everytime, even to just fill a cavity. I don't remember exactly how much it is for a cavity, since she usually has a million other things that need done :( , but for a deep cleaning and tooth extraction it was $150. If you are close enough to come here, I totally recommend them, as they specialize in children and families and there isn't any pressure or stress, very relaxed atmosphere. This is the only dentist Cat will go to without a major blowout. She doesn't even get nervous around them, which is more then I can say about myself.

Humincat said...

Hey, you ever read a book about midwives? Come by and tell me your opinion about the subject when you get a minute (NOW! J/k) as I'm writing a paper on the subject and I'm "internet interviewing" my fellow Americans on the topic. THANKS!