Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Memory lane

My dad turned up last night with a pile of old photos he'd unearthed from a box. I hadn't seen any of them in years, so I borrowed them to scan and will now bore you all to tears with them.

I don't remember this one being taken, but it was obviously Christmas, and by the gappy state of my teeth, I would guess I had just turned seven, which would make it 1978. If so, then we were living in New Jersey at the time.

This is definitely New Jersey. My school did "The Elves and the Shoemaker" for Christmas that year, and I played the shoemaker's wife. I had a zillion lines, but the only one I remember is "Oh, what lovely shoes!" because I forgot it onstage and had to be prompted.

This is on the stairs our townhouse in New Orleans, which to this day is probably still the nicest place I've ever lived. (Hey, gold carpet was all the rage at the time.) I loved the dress I was wearing so much that I kept trying to sneak out of the house in it long after it was too small for me, but I always got busted by my mother and sent back to change.

Also on those stairs. I had a grand dream of one day being able to leap from the landing halfway up and clear the eight or 10 steps to the bottom, and would "train" for this by jumping from progressively higher heights. I don't think I ever got past about the sixth step. It's probably just as well.

Here I am with my best friend S (in the hat) and another girl who lived down the street and played with us sometimes. My mother disapproved of this friendship because S's mother was divorced (or possibly never married) and had a live-in boyfriend, but she did let me spend the night at their house and even had S to stay with us for a week after we moved to Texas.

Riding bikes. Odds are good that we had been riding even before the rain stopped, because it rains so freaking much in Louisiana that if you wait for it to stop, you'll never go outside. Incidentally, this was the bike I got for my eighth birthday and promptly fell off, giving myself a concussion.

Attitude. I has it.

Me with Socks, one of the neighbor's cats. That's my dad's Toyota hatchback on the right. It was brown with a tan vinyl interior.

I had a whole collection of these Effanbee dolls. They all got lost during a move later on.

Me and my brother. This was after we moved to California, and he looks about 18 months old, which would make me 10. I love the expression on my face -- it's all, "Come on, kid, let's go!"

Another pic from the same day. I know the park we were at (I still take G there sometimes) but it's a huge place and I can't remember which area we were in.

Good times, good times ...


Humincat said...

You sure looked spunky! No wonder G's so opinionated, lol!

GR in DC said...

Love the photos - you were such a classic 70's Marcia Brady-type. Especially the photo of you alone on the steps in the polka dot dress!

Shelley said...

What great pix. And some are very "Olin Mills-y." :)

I agree with humincat, I can totally envision your Gillian, as you have written of her, being as spunky as her Mom. :)


Valerie ( who cant remember her login) said...

I love all those photos.. They are really good ones too.. They definatly have a professional feel to them.

jesika said...

I think you should grow your hair long again. ;)

Pixilated Mum said...

Loved the pictures, V.

And, seriously, you look so much the same. I mean, it's not like I look at the photos and think, "Hm, she bears no resemblance to that kid anymore."

They are soooo you. Well. Obviously. LOL

And I love the attitude pic. I think you looked at me like that the first time we met. ; )

Sari said...

Love the pics!

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