Monday, September 15, 2008


On Saturday morning, the air-conditioner drip pan overflowed and flooded the ceiling space in my upstairs hallway. I've been waiting for a repair person to come and assess the damage ever since then, and despite assurances this morning that someone would be over as soon as possible, there is still no one in sight. Meanwhile, I've missed most of a workday, the middle ceiling panel is sagging like an overfull water balloon from the weight of the collected water behind it, the whole place smells of damp, and if I turn the air on even for a minute, it starts leaking onto the hall carpet. Shouldn't the $1,800 a month I pay in rent buy me a little more service than this? I think so!

Also, while I was making lunch, I reached for a pan handle without looking and grabbed the blazing hot underside of the pan instead. I have the makings of a big, fat blister on one finger, but it's the red-but-unblistered finger next to it that hurts more. At least it's my left hand and not my right. I'll need my right hand when I have to climb up into the crawl space and repair the damn water damage myself.

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Humincat said...

Aargh is right! Totally crappy, but very similar to my life...unfortunately.