Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clearing out the cobwebs

After surviving the vagaries of last week, which ranged from the mildly annoying (cooking burns, child coming down with a rotten cold) to the intensely stressful (soaked hall ceiling, unexpected exterminator visit that required emergency cat boarding), I found myself in a housecleaning mood. Not the sweeping-and-mopping sort of housecleaning, although I did do some of that too*, but the invisible sort where you just want to get rid of things that are cluttering up your brain.

So this weekend, I left an online forum that had been frustrating and disappointing me. I recategorized some old relationships I'd been hanging onto -- not by making big dramatic announcements, but by acknowledging to myself that the people in question hadn't been close friends for a while, and that it wasn't fair of me to keep expecting them to behave as if they were. And I finally, after two years and almost three months, returned P's last shipment of Netflix DVDs. I had gotten it in my head somehow that before I could send them back, I had to watch them because P had never had a chance to, but time kept passing and I kept not watching them, and feeling guilty about it. Then on Saturday, as I was gathering up my own DVDs to return, I looked at P's DVDs (still in their wrappers and covered with dust) and it suddenly became very clear to me that I was never going to sit down and watch the second season of a TV show that I had only incidentally seen because P liked it. And when I went to the post office, I dropped his DVDs in the slot along with mine.

I don't know how long this mood will last, but while it's here, it's pretty refreshing.

*It had been so long since I last mopped the kitchen floor that I couldn't remember what sort of mop I owned and bought the wrong pads for it by mistake. Whoops.

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Humincat said...

That does sound refreshing. Hope G is feeling better too.