Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week of the leak

The maintenance crew finally came to look at my waterlogged hall ceiling.

They came while I was at work and entered without permission.

They left me a note to tell me they'd been here, but I would have figured it out anyway, because they also left a gaping three-foot by four-foot hole overhead.

It looks like this:

The note said they'll be back to fix it tomorrow.

Or Friday.


Oh, and they also left my patio door unlocked (I guess they must have gone out there to look at the A/C compressor), a fact I only discovered because I remembered at 10:30 p.m. that I needed to water the plants on the patio.

Even in a "luxury" complex, apartment living sucks.

1 comment:

Humincat said...

I HATE when people are in my house when I'm not home! I always imagine they looked in my underwear drawer....sorry not too helpful...I think I have a leak of the mouth..uh, hands. Whatever, I'm still asleep. Glad your A/C is getting fixed.