Friday, October 24, 2008

Not quite, kid

Me: Grandma is going to pick you up from school today.
G: Why?
Me: She'd like you to spend some time with her at her house.
G: Remember when you left me there?
Me: Left you there ...? You mean two weeks ago when I went to get my hair done after work?
G: Yes.
Me: And I told you in advance that I was going to do it?
G: Yes.
Me: And I picked you up at eight p.m.?
G (dramatically): Yes!
Me: I hardly think that leaving you with your grandmother for two and a half hours constitutes child abandonment.
G: It did to me.
Me: Oh good grief.


foxychao said...

hee hee, what a smart girl.

Humincat said...

Mine keeps reminding me how much time I DON'T spend with her....I'm a SAHM.....uh, yeah, only her every waking moment that she isn't at school. Definitely not enough time.