Friday, October 17, 2008

Incomprehensible homework of the week

Part of G's homework this week was to find antonyms for her spelling words. This worked fine for words like "scoundrel" and "allow," but became a problem when she got to words like "brownie" and "towel."

What the hell is the opposite of a towel?

I made her show me the actual assignment, thinking that perhaps her teacher had just said to find antonyms for words that had them. Nope. One antonym for each word on the list. So we got out the dictionary and thesaurus, but unsurprisingly, even Webster and Roget didn't have an antonym for "towel." BECAUSE THERE ISN'T ONE.

I'm going to be very curious to see what sort of mark she gets for writing down "being wet" in that space.


MomToAp said...

Just a guess.. and a left field one at that.. but I would say the oppsite for something that make syou dry.. Like a towel. would be something that gets you wet.. like a washcloth or a sponge.

foxychao said...

Interesting...keep us posted.

jillian said...

the opposite of brownies is either iceberg lettuce or hate crimes.

Anonymous said...

As a 5th grade teacer, I would say washcloth as well... :-) And cake-cookies

writermeeg said...

LOL! I agree with you, V: there is none.