Thursday, December 04, 2008

News that makes my morning

Those of you who know me in real life will know about my (possibly irrational) hatred for Bratz dolls. Well, today is a happy day, because a federal judge has banned the company from manufacturing and selling them. The ruling came about because of copyright infringement and not because Bratz are streetwalking hos, but anything that makes them go away -- and stops that Bratz girls really rock! theme song from playing during every commercial break on Nickelodeon -- is A-OK with me. Plus, it will make life easier for G, currently the recipient of much sympathy from her friends because she has a crazy strict mother who doesn't let her have these wildly popular dolls.

So long, Bratz! Don't let the door hit your skanky asses on your way out!


Humincat said...

My sister feels exactly the same way, so my niece is in the same boat as G. I don't like them, buy them, promote them, encourage them, or in any other way generate income for the dumb things, but Cat got one at a birthday party and I just let her play with it. Which happened maybe once. She hasn't ever been a big doll fan, so it really hasn't been anything we've had to deal with. It was funny though, she looked up at me all nervous like and was like "Can I keep this?"

Halcyon Mama said...

I totally hate them too. Apples calls them "Skank Barbies." Haha -- oops.

Shelley said...

Oh ...I. Am. So. With. You.

Fortunately, my G has no interest in them and never has. I brainwashed her early on.

However, my 4 year who has taken notice and has Bratz interest. So far I've managed to divert her attention but it's only a matter of time.

So thanks for the news. That just made my day too. :)

Spacemom said...

Begone whores! Heh!