Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm in hell

G has been scratching her head a lot for the last week or so, but repeated checks of her scalp revealed nothing until today, when the bright morning sunlight clearly showed BUGS. Yes. Lice. We dodged the bullet back in May when she was exposed at a Girl Scout event, but her friend "Jenny" had them a few days before school ended, and I imagine that's where she got them. Aaargh.

Anyway, cue me calling in to work and then coating G's head in mayonnaise, scrubbing the mayo out in the shower, spending THREE HOURS going through her thick, thick hair with a nit comb, and then stripping every sheet, blanket, rug and pillow from her room to be washed. We're both exhausted, the cats are traumatized and the bathroom smells like a bowl of potato salad that's been left too long in the sun, but on the plus side, the itching that was tormenting her this morning is completely gone.

As for me, I keep feeling as if things with too many legs are crawling all over me, but I think it's psychosomatic because G and I don't share brushes or towels or any of the things that might be vectors for infestation, and also I just had my hair professionally colored on Saturday, which would have killed any creepy-crawlies dead. I wish I could get someone to inspect my head, just to make me feel 100-percent safe, but it's really not something I would ask a friend, even a close one, to do. The dreaded lice check is pretty much a job that only your mother can or should perform.


foxychao said...

I am itchy just reading this!

Vanessa said...

Don't I know it! I've taken two showers, washed and dried my hair twice and changed clothes about four times today. I just want to feel clean again!

FosterAbba said...

Do the treatment again in a week and a week after that, just to make sure you got them all. I've found, though, that olive oil works better than mayo, and is a little easier to work with.

This comb was a real lifesaver when our kids got lice.

Humincat said...

You are so right about not even feeling comfortable asking a friend to check, but G should be able to look for you, just tell her to check really carefully for anything that shouldn't be there, and then show it too you. I have regular lice checks around here, and the girls even ask for them now. And you are brave not using a chemical product, I am so freaked out about it, I run straight to the store and by three if I even THINK there may be a SLIGHT chance of something crawling on me. Anyway, good luck, and try to enjoy the extra time together!

MomToAp said...

You can do a self check with some conditioner and a fine tooth comb while showering.. It won't kill them if you have them but it will help you indentify the problem.. apply the conditioner to your scalp like you would the mayo.. let it sit for a bit while you shower or whatever and then use the comb to you throug your hair. checking it after each pass..