Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Roll on winter

10 Things About Summer That Make Me Grumpy

by Vanessa, age 37 3/4

1. Sweat
2. Sweat in my bra
3. Crowds full of other people's sweaty bodies
4. Shirtless guys with back hair and scary-looking moles and pimples everywhere
5. Always having a headache from the heat
6. Too much damn shaving
7. Not being able to sleep
8. Feeling greasy all over
9. An excess of bugs
10. Being so hot I feel like throwing up

I am so retiring to Seattle or England or someplace else where it's always cool and rainy. Ugh.


Humincat said...

You mean you went to the Wild Animal Park this weekend too? I was dripping! That is just nasty.

foxychao said...

That's a complete list!! Dead on.