Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Witches' brew

These last two weeks have not been good ones at our house. I'm stressed and exhausted from fighting the lice. G is tired of having her head inspected and her hair pulled with a metal comb. It's blazing hot and our air conditioning is broken, and the fleas, which I'd gotten under control before this whole lice thing started, have come back with a vengeance and covered me in itchy bites. (They don't seem interested in biting G, which is good for her, but for me, not so much.) Add in the overwrought mixture of preteen girl hormones and grown-up lady hormones that's constantly swirling in the atmosphere around here, and you have a recipe for disaster.

We really need a vacation -- a few days with a lot less laundry and cleaning and a lot more A/C -- but I haven't got either the time or the money for that right now, so we've just got to struggle along and try not to bite each other's heads off too often. Someone send popsicles and electric fans ASAP, pls.


zandra said...

Man, I wish I didn't have plans all weekend- then you could come here for a couple hours. Maybe treat yourselves to pedicures and a long relaxing walk around the mall in the a/c?

Sandy said...

testing this comment box, lol!

Sandy said...

Oh yay, it worked! Thanks to Zandra! : )
What's the deal with the a/c - I know you're living in a relative's home, but are you the one responsible for fixing that stuff or are they?
Hope it cools off for ya soon!