Saturday, September 19, 2009

Conversations with G

Listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack:

Me: Who would you go with, Raoul or the Phantom?
G (deadpan): I'd pick the one who's not evil.
Me: Yes, it's always a good idea not to have an evil boyfriend.
G: Or a scary one.

Walking through an outdoor shopping center:

G: Are those hats fedoras?
Me: Yes.
G. Oh my God! I need one.
Me: Where would you wear it?
G: To school, of course.
Me: Don't you think people might find that a little peculiar?
G: So?

At the movies:

Me: You have to go to the bathroom before it starts.
G: I don't need to go.
Me: Go anyway. Do it for Mommy.
G: You are not my mommy. You're my annoying mom.
Me: Good! If I never annoyed you, I wouldn't be doing my job.
G: Aargh.

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Humincat said...

Yeah, I had the same request for a headband with a huge gray flower on it, and she hasn't worn it ONCE to school, though she does wear it on the weekends, which is good enough I guess for a 3.00 headband. And yeah, I am no longer Mommy either. I'm just "Moooooom!" it the most bothered voice of course.