Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had a Halloween party for a few of G's close friends last night. Here are some shots of our house all lit up and ready to go:

The woeful windows.

The horrendous hallway.

The terrible table.

The calamitous kitchen.

The lurid lounge.

Scary talking witch head thing.

Doughnuts hanging on ribbons, ready for a game.

The kids started off by painting mini pumpkins - I hadn't been sure that would be a hit with this age (9-11) but they were all surprisingly into it and spent nearly half an hour sitting around the table. Next they played a game called Spiderweb which involves standing in a circle and throwing a ball of yarn back and forth until you have a web-like structure; then the classic "doughnut eating" game where you try to eat a doughnut on a string without using your hands; then a game where they had to find gummy worms in plates of whipped cream using only their mouths. After that, it was movie time. Unfortunately, they couldn't all agree on a movie to watch, so two of them ended up watching "The Goonies" downstairs with me while the other three watched "Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Begins" upstairs in G's bedroom. They all got together again afterward and played board games happily until 9:30, when parents started arriving to collect them.

The highlight of the party for me was when G and her friend C attempted to retell a "true" ghost story their teacher had told them in class:

Me: All right, I want to hear this story, but I should warn you that I'm pretty hard to scare, so don't expect too much.
C: Okay. So Mrs A was, like on vacation somewhere with her friend.
G: They were in Mexico.
C: Right, Mexico. And they went out to eat and there was this WAITER there who kept staring at her in a really creepy way.
G: Like this. *stares*
C: So later they went back to their hotel room, and, um, they went to sleep, and then Mrs A' friend woke up - no, wait, Mrs A woke up and she saw the waiter RIGHT IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM.
G: She tried to scream but she couldn't!
C: And then he slowly backed through the wall and into the restroom.
Me: Hang on a minute. The ghostly waiter came to her hotel room to take a bath?
Everyone: *falls over laughing*
C: No, no. And then she went to sleep, but she woke up later, and the waiter was HOVERING OVER HER FACE. And it was like she was frozen and she couldn't even move!
G: Her friend woke up and saw him too!
(knock on the door downstairs)
C: What was that?
Me: It's the waiter!

I love kids. :)

G's best friend slept over afterward and I barely heard a peep out of them -- I went downstairs to check on them at 11:30 and they were getting ready for bed without being told, and then when I went back just after midnight, they were fast asleep with the lights off, so they must have been worn out from all their fun. (There'd been a lot of squealing and shrieking and running up and down the stairs during the party, as there always is when you get a lot of tween girls together.) They're always great sleepover buddies -- they've been friends since they were in diapers and never seem to run out of things to do or talk about.

Now I keep forgetting that today is really Halloween, because after last night, it feels as if we've already had it. But G is adamant that she still needs to go trick or treating, so I suppose we'll be heading out in a couple of hours. I don't know how many more times she'll want to go door to door -- the last year I went was sixth grade, and then I decided it was embarrassing -- so we may as well make the most of it.

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Widow in the Middle said...

You did a great job decorating and hosting the party. I love the simple ideas of eating the hanging donuts and the spider web toss. Your rendition of the girls retelling their teacher's ghost story was hilarious! It sounds like you had a good time too with the kids. I'm pretty inspired that you even have the time and energy to host a party. I used to tell my sons, "Let the married moms handle the parties - they have more time, energy, resources..." What a wonderful memory you created for your daughter!

At least where we live, the high schoolers still go out trick & treating but they do it in big groups. They spend a lot of time creating creative and fun costumes. They also like to go to a party or someone's house afterward to hang out so you may have the opportunity to do this again in the future.