Friday, November 06, 2009


Letter G received at school today:

To the parents of [G's name]:

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that [G] will soon receive an invitation to attend a 2010 People to People World Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C. She was nominated for this honor by [Mrs. R, her former teacher and the supervisor of the school newspaper she founded last year] of [her school], who believes [G] to be an outstanding student with high academic standing and promising leadership potential.

People to People International was founded in 1956 by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the premise that peace can be achieved through understanding. Making a difference in the world begins with developing your child's own leadership skills, and the World Leadership Forum offers a unique opportunity for [G] to join other highly motivated and accomplished students from around the globe.

You can find more detailed information in [G's] forthcoming official invitation or online at People to People. In the meantime, congratulations on [G's] many achievements. I hope that your family can take advantage of this educational program to further her as a young leader.

We just spent some time reading about this online, and it's really quite cool. It's a 5-7-day program and you have to be nominated by an educator to attend. It's also extremely expensive, so I don't know yet whether she'll be able to go (or whether I'll be able to go with her, which will be a deciding factor at this age) but if I can make it happen, I will -- it sounds like a great opportunity and an experience she'd never forget.


Alicia said...

Oh, that is fantastic!

What a thrill! What an honor! WOW!

It's time to call all the relatives and start a Send-G-(and V)-to-Washington fund. This is an opportunity that just HAS to be seized.

I sure wish I were still living in the DC area right now -- I'd make sure you got to see the off-tour highlights!

MomToAp said...

Alex got a people to people letter about 2 months ago for a trip overseas. We really would liked for him to do it but both the money involved and his emotional maturity at this time where a hinderance. Hopefully the oppurtunity will reassert itself in the future. His trip was called " A Tale of Two Cities"

Vanessa said...

They are big trips for fairly young kids. I know a lot of schools do D.C. trips around eighth or ninth grade, but there's a big difference between a just-turned-11-year-old and a 13- or 14-year-old. Pretty much, whether Gillian goes will depend on whether I'm allowed to accompany her, because I just can't see putting her on a plane to travel without me, even as part of a group, at this age.

Widow in the Middle said...

Whether or not she goes, it is a great honor for which I would be so proud as a parent! And it sounds as though future opportunities like this are sure to present themselves when she is older. Congrats to the both of you!

MomToAp said...

That was our big issue too vanessa. Prior to the trip they have meetings with the leaders and contingent to build up a community so that they know people when they leave their parents for the time ( in Alexs case 15 days I think it was) but it was still a trip on a plane to a foreign country without either of his parents.

Our school district does DC trips for 6th graders.. So the age our kids will be next summer. but its not a flight for us and lots of parents go along on the trip as chaperones.. even so I would still be very worried and insist on going myself.

Anonymous said...
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Veronica said...

That is the coolest letter. Congratulations to G for the nomination. That's very awesome indeed.

And, yeah, it is a big trip for someone her age. They might be mature enough to enjoy the actual program, but there are so many distractions and safety concerns with a kid this age traveling alone. And sure, there will be chaperones, but still ... It's hard for a chaperone to keep track of this age group, methinks.

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