Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Things: Month 1

So, at the beginning of this year I set a goal to do one thing every month that I've never done before. And for January, I got off to a good start by doing two things I'd never done before.

• I entered a fiction writing contest. I didn't win it, but considering that they had more than 1,000 entries and only chose five finalists, I don't feel too bad about this.

• I tried Peruvian food for the first time. It was chimbotanos (like a spicy potato stew) with brown rice and a side of fried yucca, and it was quite good, not to mention very different than what I expected Peruvian food to be like. Here's a photo:

I'm already eying a few potential activities for February, and will report on whatever I choose at the end of that month. So far, so good!

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Widow in the Middle said...

I love your idea of trying at least one new thing a month. I am going to "borrow" your idea as well and give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration. This really is a great idea. Maybe you could write a story or enlarge the idea into a book?