Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's been a while

What have I been up to since February? Let's go in reverse order:

 1. Our cat Malcolm, normally a chow machine, last Sunday stopped eating and started throwing up all over the house. On Tuesday, I came home at lunch to check on him and found him looking so sickly that I packed him up and took him to the vet, where X-rays revealed that he was constipated to the point of total blockage. After three enemas, two manual disimpactions*, one night in the kitty hospital and $650 in bills, he came home feeling better, but looking traumatized by everything that had happened to him. I'm supposed to be giving him canned food with a laxative mixed in, but the little bugger won't eat it, making me worry that we're going to be back there any day now.

2. When I was leaving the vet's office, all distracted by thoughts of the ailing cat, I put my Droid phone on top of the car for just a minute while I looked for my keys. If you guessed that I forgot it was there and drove away, congratulations; you win a chocolate cake and a great big kiss on the lips**. I have another three months until I'm eligible for an upgrade, and since Verizon refused to move that date and I'm not going to pay eight hundred bucks for a new phone, I'm temporarily stuck with an old flip phone that used to belong to G. At first I thought "well, it won't be so bad, I used to get along just fine without a smartphone," but then I realized how much I depended on that stupid device. Not only did I use it to text all day long (texting: the saving grace for people who hate to talk on the phone) but it was my camera and my alarm clock, plus I read Kindle books and watched movies on it. I think the hardest thing will be getting used to carrying a separate camera again - I do own a pretty nice digital camera, but have almost never used it because the phone did just as good a job. Oh well, first-world problems, right?

3. In more pleasant news, G tried out for the spring musical at school and won a part in the ensemble. At first she was a little disappointed not to get a speaking role, but I pointed out that it was still an accomplishment: her school's drama department doesn't do "everyone gets a part," so being in the ensemble means that she beat out about half the people who auditioned in order to get there, plus she's a seventh-grader and nearly all the speaking roles went to eighth and ninth graders. She cheered up after that and is very excited to start rehearsals next week.

4. Over spring break, we went to New Mexico to spend some time with my side of the family. It was a nice visit and a more or less uneventful trip, except that we were five hours late getting home because the train was delayed. Luckily, I had caved in and upgraded to a "roomette" in a sleeping car on the return journey, so at least we were comfortable. (We laughed so hard while trying to follow the instructions for converting our seats into bunks that I thought we were going to get thrown off the train. OMG, the comedy.) G asked if we could take the train up the Pacific coast next, and I've heard it's a beautiful trip, so I'm looking into that for sometime this summer.

 5. Before that trip, I took G to see the re-release of Titanic in 3D. I hadn't seen it in at least 10 years, and she had never seen it all (though she recognized some scenes, like the "flying" one at the bow of the ship, because they've been parodied in other shows/movies), so we were both coming to it relatively fresh. I remember liking it more when it was originally released - the clunky dialogue bothered me a lot this time, I suppose because I'm older and more jaded, or possibly just because I know more about writing now than I did then - but I did still enjoy it for the grand over-the-top spectacle it is. G loved the costumes, but otherwise thought it was just okay. She's seen the episode of Being Human where George's dad, masquerading as a ghost, suggests that watching Titanic is part of his "unfinished business," so as we were leaving the theater I told her, "Well, you can cross that one off your to-do list now" and we both laughed.

6. G was invited to join her school's advanced math-and-science program for honor students. It's a great opportunity, but we nearly fell over laughing (again) at the part of the brochure that said "In 9th grade, students will complete weekly math projects expressing concepts through other mediums, such as art and song." I wish I could sing you the "I Love Numbers" song that we made up on the spur of the moment, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) you'll just have to imagine it. Lots of jazz hands were involved.

7. I finally went to the optometrist for the first time in six years and got a full physical for the first time in at least seven or eight. I was figuring all sorts of things would have gone wrong in that interval, but I got a clean bill of health, aside from the usual warning about my cholesterol. Why I always have borderline high cholesterol when I haven't eaten meat since 1992 is anyone's guess, but I do. Sigh.

 Aaaand I think that's all the news that's fit to print.  

*The vet and I conferred on the phone between the first and second disimpactions (you haven't lived until you've discussed your cat's fecal issues within earshot of your colleagues) and she said she was going to try sedating him for the next go-round because "he didn't like it very much." You don't say!

**Not really.