Thursday, September 13, 2012

Refuge of the lazy

... or as it's also known, the numbered list.

1. We spent all of August doing a community theater production of "Annie." I say "we" because while G was actually performing in the show, I was working stage crew: moving scenery, setting props and helping the grown-up actors get into their costumes. With 16 performances over four weeks, it was a huge time commitment, but it was fun.

2. Now, G's rehearsing at the same theater for another show, which runs late October through mid-November. I'm a little doubtful about how this is going to mesh with school - rehearsals don't generally go past 9 pm, but during "Annie" the show itself ended at 10, and with the time it took to get out of costume and makeup, plus the drive, we often didn't get home until 10:45. She can go to bed at 11 and still get up on time, but it'll mean having every bit of homework finished before the 6 pm call. However, she can be very motivated when she wants something, so she'll probably figure out a way to fit it all in.

3. Speaking of school, it started a week and a half ago, and all seems to be well so far. She's in eighth grade this year and is taking four honors classes - English, physical science, U.S. history and Algebra I - plus concert choir and PE. The algebra class actually counts as high-school credit, which is nice because it'll let her get the college math requirements out of the way faster, hopefully freeing up some time in her senior year for other things. I would be extremely surprised if she picked either a major or a career in any of the STEM fields, valuable though they are - she does well in those subjects and is in the school's high-achiever program for math and science, but the arts are her real passion. (No, I'm not going to steer her away from them, and yes, I'm prepared to help her out financially for a long, long time.)

4. I think that's it for now. It's been a long, hot summer (and it's not over yet; the high is supposed to hit 97 tomorrow) and my brain feels drained!