Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Putting her face on

G had a field trip to see a concert at the local performing arts center today. Apparently she was excited about it, because she not only got up when the alarm went off and started getting dressed without being told, she also brushed her teeth and hair (!), and accessorized her outfit of cream sweater, black skirt and leggings with a bracelet and a sparkly headband.

It wasn't until we were in the car and nearly at school that I realized she also had accessorized her face with lip gloss (okay) and blue eyeshadow (forbidden at school). I said, "Are you wearing eyeshadow?" and she said "Yes," with such a guilty expression that you would have sworn she thought I was going to smite her on the spot. I was about to turn into the parking lot at that point, so I just told her to use her fingertip and blend it a little more - she'd applied it pretty subtly anyway, which is why I hadn't noticed until I saw her in full daylight - and not to be surprised if her teacher caught her and made her wash it off.

I suppose I ought to have scolded her about it, but in fact I found it kind of funny, because she had such a Busted! expression, and it's such typical behavior for her age. Most 11- and 12-year-old girls (me included) try to sneak off to school with makeup on at some point, or else hide it in their backpacks and put it on when they get there. I did remind her that she's not allowed to wear makeup to school until seventh grade, though, as she knows full well. Clear or sparkly lip gloss is fine, nail polish is fine, those strawberry- and bubblegum-scented teenybopper perfumes are fine, but not the heavy stuff.

Even when she does expand her cosmetic horizons, I'm sure I'll be checking every morning to make sure she hasn't caked it on - a bit hypocritical of me, given the amount of black eyeliner I wore in high school, but yesterday's moody Goth teen is today's fussy mother. Although come to think of it, I do still use a lot of black eyeliner. Hmm.

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Humincat said...

Yeah, I've noticed a bit more headbands, extra 6 layers of chapstick, an extra few minutes in the bathroom, ducking away when I go to "fix" her hair. I secretly giggle inside, because it's nice to see them growing up and taking a bit more care in their appearance. I also secretly cringe, wondering how far this is going to go, because cute and put together is one thing, obsessed with looks and what everyone else is going to think/say is another. I have already discussed that even when she is allowed to wear make-up to school, house rules limit it to lipstick/gloss and mascara in light shades, with maybe eyeshadow and blush to dances and special occasions. No liquid foundation or caked on powder, and I HATE HATE HATE how heavy eyeliner looks on little girls. She is ok with this so far, and yeah, I plan to keep all pictures of my "chola" make-up days hidden away, lol.