Monday, November 07, 2011

A day in pictures

It was raining when I went to the supermarket yesterday.

I got my coffee for free because I had to wait five minutes for them to finish brewing it. I didn't mind, but the guy said "This is Starbucks, we should always have coffee ready" and gave it to me on the house.

It seemed like a good day to make soup, so I did.

I had to go back out and saw these pretty sunflowers outside the natural-foods store.

G made Catherine pose for a photo.

The two of them spent the afternoon watching anime in G's room.

Meanwhile, Malcolm chose to watch the BBC's Sherlock with me.

Eventually we ate soup for dinner.

The end!


Mel R said...

I get free stuff all the time like that and T is convinced it's only because I'm a woman. LOL He never gets anything free. That soup looks fantastic. Making soup is my favorite part of fall and winter. I don't really use recipes. I just throw together what I have.

Widow in the Middle said...

I love your day in pictures theme - I'll try to do that too - very creative. The soup inspires me to make a pot of my own.

Alicia said...

We had a black cat and calico cat for a while when I was growing up. The black one was Malcolm and the calico Christina... Can't get much closer to Malcolm and Catherine than that!

Have you seen the Steinlen cats? I keep a magnet of it on my fridge to remind me of two very special creatures.

Anonymous said...

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