Wednesday, May 04, 2005

You know your weekend was busy ...

... when you don't get around to writing about it till Wednesday.

On Friday night, we went as a family to see "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." I probably enjoyed it the most, since I've been a fan of the books since I was a teenager, but P and G liked it too.

On Saturday, G had tap class as usual. Then, after lunch, we went with some friends to see an exhibit of Egyptian mummies at a local museum. G's been interested in mummies ever since we read a Magic Treehouse book about them, so she was pretty excited to see some in person. I was too -- I did see some Egyptian things when P and I visited the Metropolitan Museum several years ago, but we were in a hurry at the time and I didn't get to look at them for as long as I would have liked. In addition to mummies, this exhibit had lots of sarcophagi, canopic jars, wooden coffins, figurines, and scarabs and other jewelry. G pronounced all the jewelry "gorgeous," LOL. I'm fascinated by personal effects like those because they make me think about the people they belonged to: a necklace may be an artifact in a glass case now, but once it was someone's prized possession, kept safe in a box and taken out on special occasions. Somehow I doubt any of my own jewelry will be in a museum 3,000 years from now, but hey, you never know.

On Sunday morning, G had a playdate with one of her best friends. The two girls hadn't seen each other in a few months, and it was hard for them to say goodbye even after three hours of nonstop playing! We finished out the day with a trip to Toys R' Us and an early dinner, and then it was time to regroup for another crazy week of work and school. That's one thing I don't like about Sunday nights: the feeling that my reprieve is over and I'm about to jump back on the hamster wheel again. Blah.

Anyway, next weekend is promising to be just as busy. G has a birthday party to attend on Saturday afternoon and is looking forward to it immensely -- she's been talking about it nonstop ever since she got the invitation two weeks ago. On Sunday, we'll make a quick stop to give P's mom her Mother's Day gifts, and then we're off to Disneyland to renew our annual passes. G doesn't know we're going to Disneyland yet. She also doesn't know we're spending the night at the Disneyland Hotel and going again the next day, so there should be major excitement when we tell her. I'm looking forward to it. :-)

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