Monday, August 20, 2007

Cutting loose at Casa de V

G is spending a few days at her Grammy's house to help fill the child-care gap between the end of day camp and the start of school. When I dropped her off last night, my mother recommended that I use this kid-free time to "act like a grownup." I asked her what she meant and she said "I don't know -- go out to dinner, or meet a friend for drinks, or do something, because who knows when you'll have the opportunity again."

It wasn't a bad idea, but unfortunately, almost everyone I know would have to hire a sitter and plan a week ahead before engaging in reckless grownup fun. So here's what I did after work instead:

1. Went to Nordstrom Rack to spend a $50 gift cheque, but found nothing I wanted.
2. Took my car to the do-it-yourself car wash for a good cleaning.
3. Got ogled by every guy who was there washing his car. Criminy, you'd think they'd never seen a woman operate a high-powered vacuum hose before.
4. Bought a burrito.
5. Drove down our old street and pretended I was going home to be with P.
6. Went to my actual home, ate, and got into bed with the cats and the laptop.

Soon I will resume watching the Doctor Who DVD I fell asleep in front of last night. Woo hoo! Wild and crazy!


Humincat said...

Oh, you wild woman you! So naughty, buying a burrito and washing the car, ALMOST scandolous really. How sad is it that I'm envious of your carefree evening of to cry, thanks.

Well-heeled mom said...

We would get along so well. I wouldn't even know how to have a good time without my husband anymore.

Pixilated Mum said...

#3 made me laugh hard.

#5 made me get teary.

At least I am not seeing you in any tabloid. Uhm, unless you've got another name you're going by ... Hmmmm, are ya? Are ya?

My "grown-up time" usually involves my being freaked out for the first 15 minutes about the unbelievably silence (or convinced I've accidentally left someone in the car). Then, there are always books, coffee, a bookstore, and, uhm, coffee involved. Every now and then, I go to the movies, but it's been a way long time since I've been drawn to go see anything. Such a Netflix geek.