Friday, February 15, 2008

Sick Kid, Day 4

By yesterday evening, I had not been outside, except to throw away trash and get the mail, in something like 54 hours. We were running out of essential items (cough drops, Motrin, pudding) and G, with a 103-degree fever, was too sick for me to even think about taking her out.

Luckily for me, P's mother turned up around 6 p.m. to drop off some chocolate-covered strawberries for G, and I heard the angels singing, because OMG another adult! She was barely through the door before I said "Can-you-stay-about-twenty-minutes-great-thanks-bye!" and dashed off to the grocery store, which was full, and I mean full, of men wandering around with flower bouquets and $6.99 bottles of wine. I did not see one woman buying anything remotely Valentiney, which made me wonder:

a.) Are men really the only ones who are expected to cough up the Valentine loot?


b.) Do women just plan their Valentine gifts far enough in advance that they aren't buying them on the way home from work?

and also

c.) Were all the last-minute grocery-store guys buying flowers because they wanted to, because they would catch it from their wives and girlfriends if they didn't, or because they were hoping those cellophane-wrapped bouquets were their ticket to getting lucky that night?

I was insanely tempted to roam around the store offering unsolicited advice to these hapless souls -- sort of a roving relationship counselor, helping them maximize their Valentine's Day dollars. No, no, get the Ferrero Rocher. That's a good flower choice. Psst, condoms are on Aisle 6. But, I had to get home to my sick child, and there was no time. Maybe next year.

Speaking of the sick child, she finally woke up fever-free this morning for the first time since Tuesday -- she's still a little wobbly and has a terrible cough, but she's on the road to recovery, thank goodness. She was so determined to see The Spiderwick Chronicles last night that she suggested she could wear a surgical mask to the theater, and when I said that there was no way I was taking her to the movies in a mask, she volunteered to "do all my coughing in a tissue." Hmm, very thoughtful, but no. I think we're going to see it with friends tomorrow afternoon, assuming she continues to improve, so she should be satisfied soon enough.

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