Monday, January 19, 2009


Not long ago, G was watching a DVD that had a preview for an Arthur special called Arthur's Missing Pal. There's a moment in the preview (at 0:15, if you must know) where Arthur flings open the door of his house and dramatically shouts a single word to the neighborhood at large, and because I wasn't paying very close attention, I thought what he had screamed was "BLAAAAAAAAH!"

I said to G, "Why is he screaming 'BLAAAAAAAAH'?" and she said, through tears of laughter, "He's not screaming 'BLAAAAAAAAH,' he's screaming his dog's name, Pal. You know, 'PAAAAAAAAL!'"

We both laughed until we were nearly sick, and ever since then, we've been turning to each other at random moments -- in the grocery store, in the car, when I'm tucking her into bed at night -- and saying "BLAAAAAAAAH!" I'm sure this doesn't sound even slightly funny to anyone who wasn't there, but I've had to stop twice to stifle giggles while typing out the story.

It's the little things.


Humincat said...

Oh, we do things like that all the time. Yesterday, Cat said something and I was like "You want a banana?" and she just looked at me like I had lost my mind and then she started laughing so hard, we were both in hysterics for awhile, and she finally got out that she had burped, and not said anything at all. It was pretty hilarious, but when we told Hubby later, he just looked at us both oddly while we could barely breathe. Sometimes you just have to be there.

All Adither said...

This does sound funny! And cute. Those little, private jokes are the best.

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