Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to get a Harry Potter fan to do math

G (face down on her desk): Uuuuugghhhhh.
Me: Just one more problem to go. You can do it. Everyone is counting on you!
G (starting to giggle): Like in Quidditch.
Me: Yes! Grab the Golden Divisor for Gryffindor!
G (laughing so hard she can barely hold her pencil): Okay.
Me: ... And she's done it! Gryffindor wins the Improper Fractions Cup.
G: Can I go start reading Goblet of Fire now?
Me: Be my guest.


Stella said...

LOL! Great thinking! I'm a big Harry Potter fan, especially because he is so appealing to kids.

I'm a school nurse, and I have been able to convince several reluctant children to wear their glasses by telling them "Harry Potter wears glasses, and he's cool." :-)

Sari said...

Very cute idea, very creative!