Saturday, January 30, 2010

But I'm not

Things I should be doing right now:

Cleaning the bathrooms
Cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning things in general
Teaching G to do something useful
Making beds
Calling my grandmother
Grocery shopping
Taking G out to spend her birthday money
Removing my chipped nail polish
Organizing closets
Learning a foreign language
Walking in the park
Making G turn off the Wii and get dressed
Sorting through the Leaning Tower of Mail
Finishing the book I'm reading
Writing a book of my own
Calling to complain about the increase in my AmEx interest rate
Trimming the cats' nails
Unloading the dishwasher
Getting my hair cut
Working for world peace
Becoming omniscient
Evolving into a higher life form


Cliff said...

Trimming the cats' nails can probably wait until tomorrow.

Humincat said...

Well, I did one load of laundry today, so neiner-neiner-neiner. ;)

lalit said...


Smaug the Golden said...

you need to tell me how to evolve into a higher life form!

RK Murthy said...

Life is like that, Baby! Look around....many won't even have time, energy, health, facilities, appliances, assistance or even roof to live under! You are lucky and are able to carry on what all are listed! God bless you to continue to be so or even better!

Margaret Pangert said...

But the fact you wrote it about made everything so human and true and will make you feel more accomplished, on top of it. Congrats! I saw The Swan Thieves on yur bookshelf--I loved that book and wrote a review on my blog! Well, now you have a list you can start crossing things off of!

Anonymous said...

You're very ambitious. Your list is much longer than mine!