Sunday, February 07, 2010

Try to fit THAT on a conversation heart

While passing the Valentine section at Target ...

Me: Are you going to hand out Valentines at school this year?
G: Uck, no. Someone might think I have a crush on them.
Me: I see. Suppose you just give everyone candy instead?
G: Okay.
(long pause while she stands in front of a candy display in deep thought)
Me: What are you doing?
G: I'm looking for something that says, "Happy Valentine's Day, here's your candy, I don't like you."

I LOL'd. And just in case you were wondering, apparently the candy that sends that message to fifth-grade boys is Laffy Taffy.


Humincat said...

Good to know, I'd wager a guess and think "kisses" were not even an option?

Vanessa said...

Definitely out of the question!