Friday, December 02, 2005

And joined the choir invisible

Just before P and I went to bed last night, we noticed that Dorothy the goldfish was swimming at a crooked angle near the top of the tank. Anyone who has ever had fish will know that this is a certain sign of d00m, and sure enough, when we woke up this morning, Dorothy had shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to the big aquarium in the sky. That leaves us with just one goldfish: Angus, who is now rocketing around the tank like a maniac. I can't decide whether he's looking for Dorothy -- after all, they were tank-mates for two and a half years -- or just reveling in having all the swimming space to himself. Well, Muncher the pleco is still in there, but he mostly keeps to himself behind the castle or under the filter.

In other news, G got busted this morning for reading when she was supposed to be getting ready for school. I can see I'm going to have to start supervising her more closely in the mornings. Right now, I wake her up, then set milk and cereal out on the table for her (with the milk in a separate cup so she can pour it into the bowl herself) and get in the shower. While I'm in there, she's supposed to get dressed in the clothes I laid out for her the night before, then go to the table, fix her cereal and eat. After I'm out and dressed, I make her lunch, do her hair, then do my own hair and makeup while she brushes her teeth.

This would all work fine if the child were not as slow as a geriatric snail and as distractible as a magpie. She stops getting dressed to sit on the floor in her underwear and read. She stops with her shoe half-tied to watch TV. She drains every last drop of milk from her cereal bowl by sipping it one spoonful at a time. She starts art projects three minutes before we need to walk out the door. There is no sense of urgency in her at all. Probably what I should be doing is waking up an hour before her, getting completely ready myself, and then standing over her every step of the way as she goes through her routine. Alternatively, I should be getting her up an hour earlier so she can be as pokey as she wants. I don't think that'll work with our schedule, though.

I took the day off today to get stuff done, but somehow got roped into working from home, so I suppose I'd better get back to my article. I've got to finish it by 1 p.m. so I can go help out in G's class before my hair appointment at 4. I can't wait to kiss these witchy grey roots goodbye for another couple of months.

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