Saturday, October 03, 2009

Someone notify the marketing people

Ever since my college job in a natural-foods supermarket, I've been fascinated by the way the grocery-shopping demographic changes according to the day and time. Moms with toddlers shop on weekday mornings. People with day jobs shop right after work. And based on the trip I just returned from, this is who shops at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday:

• Couples without kids (2)
• Pairs or trios of roommates (3)
• Parents shopping with/for their young adult children (2, one mom, one dad, both with daughters who looked around 19 or 20)
• Old people on their own (5, both genders)
• People buying nothing but alcohol (2, but I'll bet this number goes up as the night wears on)
• Men shopping alone (all ages, too many to count, but at least 15 or so)

I suppose to this list you can also add "widows whose children are sleeping over at a friend's," since I was there too. I do wonder what moved everyone else to go shopping at that particular time, though. (Well, not the nothing-but-alcohol crowd. I know why they were there.) I went when I did because G loathes the supermarket, so I thought I'd spare her the torture of having to go with me by doing it while she was occupied elsewhere. But grocery shopping seems like an odd way for a group of young male roommates or a college-age girl and her dad to spend their Saturday night. Strange.

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