Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things you don't see every day

While driving earlier, I happened to glance to the right and saw an older woman (70ish) with one of those wheeled wire baskets that people take when they walk to the supermarket. The unusual part: she was running with it, pushing the empty basket in front of her like a jogging stroller. She was going so fast that by the time I said "Hey, look!" to G, she was gone.

We happened to be on my way to visit my mother, who is in town for the night, so when we got to her hotel, she and I brainstormed some reasons for a senior citizen to be hauling ass down the street with a shopping basket on New Year's Eve. My favorite was her suggestion that the woman had knocked down another old lady and stolen the basket from her, and was trying to make a getaway. Wild old women! What sort of geriatric hijinks will they come up with next?


Widow in the Middle said...

I am picturing this in my mind and laughing at it along with G.'s explanation. Too funny. Not something you see everyday. I keep thinking that maybe she really was jogging and that is funny to me too!

FosterAbba said...

She'd run out of Depends?