Friday, August 20, 2010


G (flopping down on my bed) My legs hurt. Will you pull them for me?
Me: Sure. (pulling) It's no wonder your legs hurt. Grammy told me you spent so much time lying around at her house, she thought your muscles were going to atrophy. Do you know what "atrophy" is?
G: Not at all.
Me: It's when you don't use your muscles enough and they shrivel up.
G: Ew.
Me: And there you were at Grammy's without your regular leg-puller. (pause) So, did you miss me while you were there?
G: Eh.
Me: Not even a little bit?
G: Eh.
Me: Not even a molecule? Not even an infinitesimal particle?
G: Maybe less than that.
Me (pouncing on her): Yes you did! You totally missed me! Because you love me!
G (laughing): Ack!
Me (squeezing her and kissing the top of her head): You LOVE me! You LUUUUURRRRVE me! When you saw me, you wanted to yell "MOMMY!" but you didn't because it wouldn't be cool.
G (still laughing): You're crazy!

Yep. That's what makes me so much fun. :)

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