Sunday, October 10, 2010

All quiet on the western front

To my surprise, this past week has been quiet. (If we were in a movie, this is where someone would chime in with an ominous "Too quiet.") I haven't heard anything else about the house sale or the associated drama; the long-term afterschool care issue is still in limbo; and nothing has exploded in any of the other spheres of my life. Even the weekend has been unremarkable, with the highlights being yesterday when I successfully used these tips to make the toilet in G's bathroom stop running, and today when we went to a local Oktoberfest celebration to see the dachshund races.

There's nothing too dire looming up in the coming week either, except that I have to choose a new gynecologist so I can make an appointment. I've never had to look for a gynecologist before -- I got the previous one when my then-primary care doctor said "Congratulations, you're pregnant, here's a referral" -- and so far I've found it to be an odd process. I want a woman, not because I'm bothered by male doctors, but because I assume women are more likely to understand how annoying various female complaints are, and thus more willing to do something about them. I also want someone who speaks reasonably unaccented English -- whether it's her first or second or 15th language, I don't really care, just as long as we can communicate with each other. Those are pretty much my only criteria, so I've found myself reduced to browsing my medical group's web site, looking at each doctor's photo and trying to imagine how I would feel about her poking around in my business. It's like a weird sort of online dating, only instead of getting a free dinner, I have to hand over a $30 co-payment.

I wonder if people would be more excited about going to these appointments if there were some sort of reward involved -- like the "treasure chest" at G's dentist's office, only instead of Silly Bandz and stickers, it would have full-size Godiva chocolate bars and Starbucks cards. Maybe I should wait until I've been to the new office a couple of times before I suggest that.

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Widow in the Middle said...

I ALWAYS treat myself to something after a trip to the gyne, usually involving chocolate of some kind!