Thursday, January 19, 2006

The good, the bad and the bookish

Bad: My iBook's wonky screen finally gave out two weeks ago.
Good: I have AppleCare.
Bad: I didn't register the plan when I bought it.
Good: Apple will still let me register it, even though my original warranty has expired.
Bad: It'll take 10-12 business days for the coverage to go into effect and at least another week after that for them to fix my screen.
Good: I'll get my computer back sometime in early- to mid-February.
Bad: Early- to mid-February!!!

Peter has been graciously letting me use his desktop, so I'm not completely cut off from the world, but it isn't the same. I love my iBook. I write much better on it than on any other computer, and I feel like I've lost an appendage without it. *sob*

So what have I been doing to while away the long, computerless winter nights? Mainly reading -- a lot of Terry Pratchett; a few of Alexander McCall Smith's books about Precious Ramotswe, the African lady detective; and a bit of the Chronic (what?) les of Narnia, which G's uncle sent her for Christmas. I'm also reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to G at bedtime. She loves it, though she keeps asking why we're reading that one first when it's labeled no. 2 in the set. (It's because the publisher renumbered the books to go in chronological order rather than the order in which they were written, but this Narnia traditionalist is not down with that, yo.)

As far as G's own reading, the book she's reading aloud to me at bedtime is Pirates Past Noon, number four in the Magic Treehouse series. She's also got Superfudge in the car and is reading a bit of it every time we drive somewhere. Pirates Past Noon is grade level 2.2, which is easy for her, and Superfudge is 3.5, which is hard but not impossible, so between the two of them she's got a nice mix of comfortable and challenging.

I've been buying far too many books lately, which is not a good habit to get into. (Well, it's a good habit in that books are good, but not so good in that it causes a sharp pain in my wallet.) I really need to get to the library so I can stock up for free. We usually go every two weeks, but the last month and a half has been so busy that we've only been once, and that was a tire-screeching stop at which we stuffed our books into the outside return slot and drove away again. Hopefully we'll have time for a real visit this weekend.

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