Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

In the fine tradition of my foremothers, I spent the first part of New Year's Eve cleaning like a mofo. Two years ago, we had a serious ant invasion in our pantry, and Peter had to rub chalk insecticide all around the edges of the shelves to stop it. The chalk's been in there ever since, and it drives me crazy. So, yesterday I pulled everything out of the pantry, washed all the chalk away, washed all the shelves (the grunge that came off! OMG, so traumatic!), threw out two trash bags' worth of dried-up falafel mix and half-empty cereal boxes, and put whatever was left over back in. It was so bare afterward that I called Pete into the kitchen, flung the pantry doors open dramatically, and moaned "How will we feed the children?" like Ma Joad.

During the second part of the evening, we ate pasta with pesto and finished watching The Two Towers. G didn't like this one as much as Fellowship of the Ring, probably because FotR's plot was a lot easier for her to follow -- it's a pretty straightforward story, whereas TTT is constantly jumping from one scene and subplot to another. She says she still wants to see the final movie in the trilogy, though, so we'll start that one when we have our family movie night on Friday. Yes, we are carefully grooming her to be a little sci-fi/fantasy dork, just like us. So?

Last night was also the first time G stayed up till midnight on New Year's Eve. She got a little sleepy around 10:45 -- unsurprisingly, since that's more than two hours past her usual bedtime -- but then found her second wind and was jumping around with excitement by the time midnight came. We counted down from 10 and wished each other a happy New Year, and then G said "I'll go change my calendar!" and tore off down the hallway to do just that. (She's been itching to put up her new 2006 calendar of border collies, but I said she had to leave last year's kitten calendar up until Jan. 1.) She got into bed around 12:15 and finally fell asleep just before 1. I thought she'd be a wreck this morning, but she managed to stay asleep until almost 10:30 and is quite chipper now. It'll be an early night for her tonight, though.

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