Friday, May 26, 2006


G's got the slowest-brewing virus I've ever seen. Every day it's a new symptom: first a fever, then a cough, then a sore throat. I was just going to wait it out, but when she developed the sore throat I knew she had to go to the doctor -- the last thing I want is for it to blossom into strep over the holiday weekend, when our only option would be sitting in urgent care or the ER for hours on end. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment for this morning, so P is going to take her while I'm at work.

Nights are always the worst time for kid illnesses. G has a cough every time she's sick, and no amount of cough medicine will prevent it from waking her up. Last night she woke up sweaty and hysterical at midnight, caught in a vicious cycle of coughing and crying. When she coughed, it hurt her throat, which made her scream, which made her throat hurt more, which made each cough more painful. The poor girl was miserable, but oddly, the thing that made her most upset was the idea of missing a third day of school.

"I want to see my friends again!" she sobbed.

"You'll see them next week when you're feeling better," I reassured her.

"But I want to see them tomorrow!"


Speaking of seeing friends, I really hope she gets better quickly, because we have a lot of plans coming up. She has a playdate on Sunday, we'll probably visit P's family on Monday, and on Tuesday, we're going to Disneyland to meet an online friend and her family. I'm holding off on canceling anything right now and will evaluate each event day by day as it comes up. The only one I really can't change is the Disneyland trip, because the people we're meeting are here on holiday from England and may not come back for years, if ever. Crossing my fingers ...

In other news, G finally finished listening to the Magyk audiobook. She loved all 12 hours of it and wanted to hear the sequel immediately. It isn't available in audio format yet, so we started reading it aloud on Wednesday night. (I can see the little booger has been totally spoiled by the narrator of the other book, because she keeps correcting me to British pronunciations of certain words, LOL.) Last night, we read two chapters, and when I stopped, she said "Oh, fine, I'll just read the next part to myself," and grabbed the book from my hands.

"All right, go for it," I said, thinking that she would give up after a few paragraphs. She's a good reader, but this is a sixth-grade-level book (at least), and she's still not too fond of reading long, dense, picture-free pages of text on her own. Well, I ended up sitting next to her, bemused, while she read the entire chapter to herself. I don't know if she knew every single word she encountered, but she certainly had no trouble following the story, because she kept making comments like "That wasn't a very nice thing for Simon to say!" and "Oooh, he took Jenna away on his horse." When she got to the end, she carefully marked her place, handed me the book, and said "Okay, I can go to sleep now." Silly girl.

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