Thursday, July 05, 2007

What we did this afternoon

G has been waffling about wanting to get her ears pierced for several months. Today she decided that the time had come, so off we went to good old Claire's to have it done. She picked studs in her favorite color -- purple -- and sat in the chair without flinching. (Later she told me, "I had tears in my eyes, but I held them back.") I have to say that this is amazing progress for the girl who, as a preschooler, screamed hysterically at any new experience, and had to leave her four-year checkup without getting weighed because she was afraid to stand on the scale. And she looks so darn cute!

Congratulations, G!

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Mrs Figby said...

Pretty earrings! I got my ears pierced on my 9th birthday (my mother wouldn't let me until then.) I still remember how excited I was.h