Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's the small milestones that mean so much

Last night, G announced that she was thirsty and disappeared into the kitchen. Two minutes later, she came back with a tall glass of lemonade, complete with ice.

This means that:

1. She opened the refrigerator and realized there were no cold drinks.
2. She then went to the pantry and found a bottle of lemonade.
3. She reached up to the overhead cupboard and got a glass.
4. She opened the freezer and took out some ice.
5. She put the ice in the glass, opened the lemonade bottle, and poured her drink.

What she did not do:

1. Say, "Mommmmyyyy, I want a drink!"
2. Open the refrigerator and call, "Mommmmmyyyy, there aren't any drinks!"
3. Call, "Mommmmyyyy, I can't reach the glasses!"
4. Call, "Mommmmyyyy, I can't get the ice out of the ice tray!"
5. Spill lemonade all over the countertop/floor/herself.

She forgot to put the lemonade bottle in the refrigerator when she was finished, but I was too delighted to see her showing some initiative and independence in the drink-getting department to care. Can preparing her own bowl of cereal on a weekend morning be far behind?

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