Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You should be dancin', yeah

Overheard at dance class last Saturday:

"I've got to take 'Audrey' to get fitted for new shoes. She blew hers out at her last performance."

I looked around, curious to see this ballet powerhouse, and she turned out to be a little blonde girl of about three or four. From the tone of her mom's voice, I was picturing Gelsey Kirkland after a hard night with the American Ballet Theatre.

Saturday was a loooong day of dancing, with regular class for an hour and then two more hours of rehearsal for the opening number in the recital. There are kids from every class at the studio dancing in this number, so they had everyone from the tiniest three-year-olds to high-schoolers present. It's always weird realizing that G is no longer among the youngest children -- her group of 7- to 10-year-olds is classified with the "big kids," and she's nearly as tall as some of the 11- and 12-year-olds in the next class up. Amazing!

Every time I go to one of these multi-class rehearsals, I find it amusing that the most high-maintenance group of kids is not the little ones or the midsize ones, but the teenagers, all of whom are loud, lazy drama kings and queens who bitch and moan about everything and goof off every chance they get. (Last time, some of them got in trouble for playing with the toilet in the studio bathroom. WTF?) Because of this, the director has developed a split personality -- sweet and patient with everyone under 12, whip-cracking dominatrix with everyone older. Sometimes she switches from one voice to the other in mid-sentence: "Okay, now you guys are going to come downstage this way and ... YOU THREE OVER THERE, SIT YOUR BUTTS DOWN AND DO NOT MOVE OR MAKE A NOISE!" The poor woman must be exhausted when she goes home at night, especially because she also teaches dance at a local high school during the week. You couldn't pay me enough!

Anyway, this Saturday will be more of the same, and then the recital is on Sunday. Which reminds me that I need to buy G a new pair of ballet shoes. Just because her old ones are grungy, not because she blew them out with her high-intensity dancing. Hee.

P.S. to Veronica: I do remember that young adult book! You can see how well the "increasing" exercise didn't work on me, LOL. Good luck with everything, and I'll await your e-mail.

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