Sunday, November 05, 2006

Behave, or the horses shall smite thee

Yesterday afternoon, G ran up to me in the hallway and said:

"Mom, MOM! Do you want to see the cool human sacrifice I set up in my room?"

This is an invitation you can't really turn down, if only to help you gauge whether you ought to praise your child for her creativity or find her some professional help. So I followed G into her bedroom and saw this:

Here's how she explained it to me: "The Barbie tried to take away one of the horses, so they have to sacrifice her to the horse goddess. They don't want to, but they have to, because she broke the rules. They'll chant and dance, and then they'll remove her heart, and her spirit will go into the spirit ball (that multicolored thing on the left) and be taken up to the horse goddess."

I swear I haven't been letting her watch anything weird on television ...

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Shari said...

Oh my aching tummy! I literally am wiping my eyes after that line, "MOM! Want to see the cool human sacrifice I set up in my room?" I lost it. The people in the computer lab where I am are eyeing the emergency security phone...

Great blog, I will be back. But maybe look into some Bible stories before bed or something... *wink*