Monday, September 17, 2007

The Adventures of Stickman, or Vanessa Can't Draw

While talking to a friend a week or so ago, I suddenly remembered the series of stories I made up when I was teaching G to read word endings and vowel/consonant blends. They all starred a character called Stickman (original, I know) and grew to feature an entire stick-figure cast, including Stick Woman, Stick Boy, Stick Girl, and Stick Dog, who bore a strong resemblance to Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought I'd scanned some of them, and a quick poke through my photo album revealed that I had. So I'm going to share one here, if only to amuse you all with my incredibly poor drawing skills:

You'll notice that the stick family is vegetarian, like us. Propaganda? Maybe, but hey, my fictional universe, my rules!


FosterAbba said...

I love it!!! MORE!!!

Pixilated Mum said...

That's too cute! Oh, my gosh. Stick drawings can be way cute.

And I was dying at the end there because halfway through the story, I was thinking, "Waaaaaaaaaait a second. What sort of violation of beliefs is V making by writing 'meat, meat, meat' for the dog?" LOL

Yes, I got the veggie propaganda. LOL

You so rock, V.

Jenny said...

OMG, that is too cute!! Trust me girl, you draw waaayyyyy better than I do.

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