Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another day, another life lesson

G and I are discussing the upcoming school photos, and I tell her that she absolutely has to let me do something to tame her hair for the occasion. She fires back that she doesn't want to have a hairstyle because someone might laugh at it.

Me: So what? If someone really wants to laugh at you, they'll find something to laugh at no matter what you do, so you might as well do what you want. I mean, I could laugh at those people over there for turning the sprinklers on in their yard if I felt like it.

G: But that's not funny.

Me: My point exactly. Most of the time when kids laugh at each other for something, like wearing glasses for example, it's because they want to be mean, not because it's funny.

G (indignant): Wearing glasses isn't funny at all! S wears glasses and she's my friend.

Me: Right. She needs them to see. There's nothing funny about that.

G: Well, if anyone ever laughed at her, I'd tower over them [note: G is very tall and has at least half a head on your average third-grader] and I'd say "Leave my friend alone!" And I'd be like a giant cat and they'd be like scared little mice.

Me: In that case, kitty, you have nothing to worry about if I do something with your crazy messy hair for picture day.

G: I guess not.

Whew. On balance, I'd say parenting was easier when all I had to do was change diapers and stop her from eating dirt ... this logic stuff is exhausting!

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