Thursday, October 23, 2008

From the sublime to the ridiculous

In the women's restroom where I work, there's a toilet stall that has a "Closed for Repairs" sign on it about one day out of every three. It's getting to the point where I will never go into that stall even when it appears to be functioning just fine, because the recurring nature of the problem makes me suspicious that it might recur again at any minute.

What if the toilet won't flush?

What if flushing causes a geyser of something awful to erupt all the way up to the ceiling?

What if there's a boa constrictor living in the pipes and it comes out twice a week to feed?

And today is one of those days?

It just doesn't seem to be worth the risk, and it isn't as if there aren't plenty of other stalls to choose from. But I do confess to being curious about what might be behind that closed stall door with its handwritten sign scribbled in black marker. I keep thinking maybe I'll peek in, but I've seen a lot of horror movies, and every time someone says Oh, I'll just take a quick look and starts reaching for a door handle, you know they're doomed. I don't want to be found sprawled out on the restroom floor with an expression of terror on my face and a mysterious puddle all around me.


Humincat said...

That was hilarious~!

foxychao said...

For Halloween, you should put a "Closed for Repairs" sign on all the doors. HA!

Shelley said...

Heh - I think I might actually KNOW which stall that is. :)

You're brave.