Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When the to-dos are done

Got self and child ready for school and work? Check.
Fed cats? Check.
Remembered photo money? Check.
Drove child to school? Check.
Went to work? Check.
Attended meetings, etc.? Check.
Put gas in car? Check.
Picked up child? Check.
Stopped at pharmacy to get prescription refilled? Check.
Cooked dinner? Check.
Fed cats again? Check.
Supervised homework? Check.
Got child ready for bed? Check.
Laid out school clothes? Check.
Read to child? Check.
Snuggled with child until asleep? Check.
Baked muffins for child's breakfast? Check.
Packed child's lunch for tomorrow? Check.
Cleaned up kitchen? Check.
Scooped cat box? Check.
Took out trash? Check.

Time for a nice big glass of wine? You'd better believe it!


Anonymous said...

Well, how do you like that...I was having one with you!

writermeeg said...

You earned it, sistah!

BTW, as my blog mentor, I've tagged you for my first meme:


Anonymous said...
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