Tuesday, November 03, 2009


G: I can't wear that shirt* to school. It's ugly.

Me: You do know you picked it out at the store yourself, don't you?

G: Well, I must have been younger then and liked different things. That looks like the "Mom, I want to play Barbies" phase. I'm not in that phase anymore.

Me: I see. And which phase would you say you're in now? Just so I know.

G: I think it's the "Mom, don't wake me up early in the morning" phase**.

Me: Sounds like an accurate assessment.

*A pretty blue flowered top from Justice that she loved last year.
** Phases I would welcome: the "helping Mom around the house" phase, the "doing homework without a fuss" phase, and the "not leaving my dirty socks on the kitchen table" phase.

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foxychao said...

I think the phase you are looking for will come after she has a child. :P