Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh frabjous day

I'm having a glorious Valentine's Day for the simple reason that I've finally turned a corner in the Virus From Hell. Yes, after seven straight days of misery, I have no fever at all! My throat doesn't hurt! I can breathe through both sides of my nose! I just went out to get the mail, and I only coughed twice on the way there! The freaking bluebird of happiness fluttered down from the sunny sky and landed on my shoulder! (Okay, maybe not that last part.) I feel like taking my immune system out and buying it a congratulatory drink.

Be grateful for your health, kids. No matter how craptastic life is, getting sick automatically makes it 10,000 times worse. Take it from Auntie V.

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Widow in the Middle said...

I read about your week from hell and felt grateful that I have never been sick these six years on my own, save for migraines. I couldn't believe that you were still going to work!

Your words of wisdom are a good reminder of how worse it could be. Love the word craptastic (I am going to borrow that). Thanks for the reminder of looking at the bigger picture in our lives and the image of the bluebird fluttering down! That was a "hoot!"