Friday, March 10, 2006

Ice from the sky

G and I were camped out on the living-room floor this evening, eating popcorn and watching our Friday-night movie*, when I heard a strange clattering noise that sounded like someone throwing pebbles down a drainpipe.

That's some loud rain, I thought, then, Wait a minute ... that's not rain, it's HAIL!

I got up and opened the front door, and sure enough, there were little white hailstones melting all over our doormat. Hail in Southern California is exceedingly rare -- not sign-of-the-apocalypse rare, but definitely once-or-twice-a-decade rare. I called to G, and like a couple of crazy people, we went outside in our pajamas and bare feet. I went out farther than she did, but she had a great time anyway, laughing and screaming and ducking back inside every time a fresh volley of hail came down.

"Go get Daddy so he can see it!" I said, and she ran to fetch P, who came to investigate, but decided he'd rather stay warm and dry than get pelted by ice in the dark. Hey, when you don't have real weather very often, you've got to experience the heck out of it while you can.

We're actually supposed to have thunderstorms tomorrow, and that's not likely to be as much fun for G, who has to go out in her dance clothes. I'm going to miss her ballet class this week because I have a hair appointment. (P will take her instead.) I'd rather not, but it was the only appointment I could get this weekend, and I can't wait any longer -- I haven't been since before Christmas, and my roots are in a state of emergency. I had no idea, when I found my first grey hair at age 17, that keeping the stuff covered was going to end up being such a hassle!

Tomorrow is also the day G and I are planning to make soup. She has a book called Mud Soup, which is about a boy named Josh whose friend Rosa keeps offering him the "mud soup" her mother and grandmother make. He's scared to eat it because he thinks it's really made of mud, but at last he tries it, and it turns out to be black bean soup -- delicioso! Anyway, G first read this book about a year ago, and ever since then, she's been asking to make "mud soup" from the recipe at the back. I finally remembered to buy the ingredients at the store, so we'll start soaking the beans in the morning and make the soup for dinner. We both love black beans, so it ought to be good. I hope P will try it too -- he's definitely the Josh in our family. :-)

*It was Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy?.

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