Sunday, March 05, 2006


Whoo boy, busy day. We didn't get out the door until nearly 1:00, but then in rapid succession we paid our rent, exchanged a too-small piece of clothing G got for her birthday, stopped at the Lakeshore store to replenish our supply of drawing and construction paper, ate pizza, picked up a book P wanted, and went to Target for the boring necessities of life. (Toilet paper is not exciting, but who wants to be without it? Not me.) When we got home, I played King of the Jungle and Crazy Eights with G, then fell asleep on her bed while she played with her fairy princess paper dolls and castle. Whoops.

On a slightly different topic, I've been meaning to get G a dictionary for a while, and I looked for one while we were at the bookstore for P's book, but there weren't any I liked. The dictionaries for young children have appealing design features, but the vocabulary they include is so basic that I don't think they'd be much use to her. Most of them haven't got pronunciation guides either, which defeats half the purpose of having a dictionary in the first place. On the other hand, I know she's not ready for the "student" dictionaries that look more like adult ones -- all that itty-bitty black-and-white type would turn her off in a second. If anyone out there knows of a good in-between sort of dictionary, I'd love to get the title! (I'm in the market for an encyclopedia and a thesaurus too, so bring those recommendations on if you've got 'em.)

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